Meet The Artist

About the artist Elena Zheleznova who painted all our beautiful artsy tote bags.

Elena Zheleznova is a San Diego based visual artist whose work includes oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings and design work. Firstly, she studied drawing and painting by herself as well as taking private lessons from local artists. Secondly, after moving to the United States in 2008, she took art classes at DeAnza College. She focused on art history, acrylic and oil painting, and color theory courses there. Artist Elena Zheleznova continued her art journey by designing and hand painting these amazing and stylish tote bags.

An admirable artist Eugene Rodriguez was among her educators during this period. His memorable teaching approach impacted her work a lot. Lastly, online school Art Modern School has significant affect on Elena’s nowadays work

Elena participated in numerous group exhibitions as visual artist in the last several years. The painting “Fall Leaves” was displayed on “Harvest and Fall” exhibition on September 2019. On October  2020 paintingsPlay With MeandConstellation of Siamese Catparticipated in the International Art Exhibition Cat’s Portrait, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Escondido Art Partnership Municipal Gallery accepted her workFour Elementsfor their eponymous group show in November 2020. All mentioned paintings one can find at the Artwork page.

In conclusion, careful observation of the surrounding world helps her find new ideas and creative solutions for the work. Deep understanding of composition, color and shape rules gives Elena the confidence in creating new ideas for the paintings.

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